SA06 SA06 From AED 350 Product out of stock.
TA06 TA06 From AED 550 Product out of stock.
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TA05 TA05 From AED 765 Product out of stock.
SA04 SA04 From AED 295 Product out of stock.
TA04 TA04 From AED 850 Product out of stock.
SA02 SA02 From AED 275 Product out of stock.
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Moz Flowers is a flower shop in Dubai that offers the most beautiful and freshest blooms that can make any occasion extra special and memorable. We take special care in selecting the flowers for our wide and diverse collection to make sure our customers will only get to pick the best quality flowers available today, regardless of the day, season, or occasion.

Our florists in Dubai can assist you in choosing the ideal flowers to adorn your bridal bouquet, one that perfectly fits the wedding theme you have chosen. From floral décor for the tables and reception to bouquets and corsages for your entourage, you can trust our skilled team of Dubai florists to craft the perfect creative floral pieces for your big day.

Our florists at Moz also specialise in creating spectacular floral pieces for corporate and formal events, including the opening of a business or a store, an awards ceremony, or a gala night. Whatever the occasion you are celebrating, be it a private affair or a grandiose event shared with numerous people, you can trust our extremely talented florists in Dubai to create artistic floral arrangements exclusively for you.


At Moz, we understand that simply choosing a variety of beautiful flowers and preserving their beauty and scent is not enough. To bring the most beautiful flower arrangements to our customers unfailingly, we take careful and painstaking arrangements to make sure each flower piece, each bouquet, is handed to you in absolute perfection. For this reason, our in-house florist in Dubai continues to work hard to master the art of flower arrangements. We want to be able to bring to life any vision or concept you have in mind – from stunning floral arches for a wedding to a lovely bouquet of the freshest blooms for your loved one.

For us, each occasion is a unique celebration that demands a special touch and an air of exclusivity. And as such, Moz florists always aim to create flower arrangements that are solely made for our customers. We do not simply replicate our designs for previous customers, and we always try to bring something new in our floral creations. We believe this exclusivity is just the right element that truly makes any occasion special. And with our own line of soy wax candles and custom designed marble and glass vases, you can expect flower arrangements that have been specially crafted by our Dubai florist with your needs and personal taste in mind.


Our professional Dubai florist team have the experience and skills which enable them to transform any bunch of flowers into absolutely gorgeous and visually pleasing creative art pieces. Whether you want flowers artistically placed in a vase, a pot, or a flower box, or you prefer flowers skilfully fashioned into a horizontal or vertical arrangement, our florists in Dubai are the artisans that can breathe life into your creative ideas. So talk to us and our team of florists and let us know what kind of event you are planning, and what floral arrangements you need. With us, you can be sure you have florists working closely with you to make the occasion a successful and spectacular one.


For a genuinely tailored flower bouquet or arrangement, we offer our customers the option to create their own design. Our online florist service is extremely easy and convenient to use. Simply visit our Create Your Own page and follow the simple instructions provided. Our website also features a variety of flowers in different colours to make it easier for you to choose and visualise the design you want.


If you want to know more about our services, or if you need helpful information on the flowers available for the season, you may call us at 04 294 1132 or e-mail us at Our staff will be more than happy to share more information with you and answer your query, whether you want to know how our online flower delivery works or the availability of our flower arrangement classes.