The Atelier

Flowers are meant to be fully enjoyed. Although they can mean many things to many people, there is much you can do to make them more meaningful. At MOZ, we surround ourselves with flowers and study them all the time. If you too would like to learn about flowers, just join our classes.

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Learn as you go

We teach a range of flower arranging techniques to enthusiasts of all age groups and at all levels techniques. Our classes are in easy-to-follow formats, and range from simple arrangements for every day, to splendid creations for events. We will always provide advice on the availability and seasonality of flowers, and about tools, containers, and equipment for arrangements.

Flowers with friends

Floral arrangements are much more than simply placing a bunch of flowers into a vase and filling it with water. That said, there truly are no rules about creating beautiful arrangements in bags, boxes, baskets and bouquets. Learning about flowers can be so much fun – especially if it is with friends and family.





Upcoming workshops

 European Hand Tied Bouquet workshop

  • Date:9/june
  • Time: 11am
  • Level: beginner
  • Price 375AED per person


Floral Weaving workshop

  • Date:27/june
  • Time:5pm
  • Level: intermediate
  • Price: 435AED per person 


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